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This location is permanently closed and we have ceased all services. Thank you for your patronage.

Your search for a great computer store is over.

World-class Computer Repairs

1Whether you have a laptop, desktop, netbook or all-in-one computer, we have the service you need. We service all major makes and models for both hardware and software issues. Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, big or small, we have the testing, troubleshooting and repair services that will get your computer running smoothly.


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Reliable Laptops and Desktops

2Your dream PC is waiting. Whether you need a PC for day to day use, business or for high performance needs like PC gaming, we have the perfect PC for you.




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HDMI Cables and More

3The cables you need to connect your home theater, television, computer, home or business network and much more are in stock. We carry cables for your hi-definition home theater  or your standard definition televisions, all at a fraction of the price of big-box stores.